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Cedrick Forrest Jan. 24, 2023

Has Your Texas Homeowner or Commercial Business Property Insurance Claim Been Wrongfully Denied?

Have you filed your insurance claim correctly and faithfully paid your premiums on time, but are now your insurance company has denied you a fair settlement as promised? Do you believe your insurance company denied your claim for invalid, unlawful, or fraudulent reasons? Forrest Law helps those that have been wronged by their insurance company by making them follow the law and fairly adjust insurance claims.

All too often an insurance company is more concerned with profitability than customer care. Insurance companies have very clever ways to adjust insurance claims for the benefit of the company.

Some tactics to ensure paying claimants less money are to:

1. purposefully miss covered damages when convenient, or;

2. claim damages are insufficient to cover the policyholder's deductible.

In addition to failing to honor responsibilities to their insureds, insurance companies are also breaking the law when making a claim in what is known as "bad faith." Outright denying a claim without investigating, improperly investigating claims, and misrepresenting policy coverages are some of the MANY ways insurance companies operate in bad faith. More often than not, these bad faith insurance settlement practices are used against minority policyholders in the African-American/Black and Hispanic communities because historically insurance companies believe these groups do not have the resources to dispute claims decisions. Forrest law aggressively fights back against bad faith practices used by insurance companies and ensures policyholders receive the coverage promised to them by insurance companies.

What Can Harris County, TX Home or Business Owners Do After a Claim Is Denied...

  • Look for reasons for your denial. If there is no written reason, then your insurer may be acting in bad faith...

  • If your claim was denied due to a simple error, we can help you resubmit the claim with the right paperwork and help you claim additional coverages if available...

  • If you believe the reasons for the denial are unjust, discriminatory, or based in fraud we can help you...

  • Each matter is thoroughly investigated and prepared to be ready for trial if necessary...

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Katy-Humble-Pearland-Spring Texas Busted Pipe Claim Attorneys: Smart & Aggressive Representation

Our legal team is prepared to protect the best interests of Texas families, homes, and businesses. We understand how frustrating it is to be dealing with a denied claim and we do not settle any claim without our client's express consent. We also don't recommend that our clients settle unless they receive enough from their insurance company to completely restore their property. Each case is unique but this is our mission when we take on your case. The longer you have to wait for a settlement means huge losses for your business or your personal finances. With this knowledge in mind, The Cedrick D. Forrest Law Firm utilizes and employs the best strategies to quickly achieve client satisfaction.

Our team provides smart, aggressive, and effective legal counsel to effectively resolve your claim. We can review the details of your claim denial, help you file an appeal if necessary, and work to negotiate a fair resolution. While our strategy is focused on securing a fair settlement outside of court, we are not afraid to take a case to trial if we believe this will yield a better outcome and prepare each case for trial from the very beginning.

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If your insurance claim has been denied, you are not alone. We can help! Our firm has successfully represented both homeowners and business owners alike in countless wrongful claim denial cases. We are skilled at proving an insurance company has acted in bad faith and are committed to holding insurance companies accountable for their misconduct.

In bad faith cases, we can seek to recover the insurance payment due to you as well as interest, and sometimes, even punitive damages. We can explain in further detail what your options are at this time during a free case consultation.


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