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Attorney Cedrick D. Forrest makes it his mission to help maximize recovery, reduce client stress, and speed the process as quickly as possible. As a Houston personal injury lawyer, Cedrick D. Forrest has shown that he can be trusted with even the most complex of cases. His practice is focused on personal injury matters and he maintains a 100% client recovery rate-something that clearly demonstrates his dedication to the success of his clients. If you or someone you care about was injured in a car accident in the Houston, TX or surrounding area, time is of the essence. To schedule your initial case consultation, fill out our online form today. You can also give the firm a call at 832.945.1900 or toll free at 1.800.604.1838. Regardless, the firm wishes you a speedy and full recovery if you have been injured.

You May Be Able to Get Compensation For...

Even when car accidents occur at low speed, it can result in traumatic injuries and damages. Whiplash alone can leave a person debilitated for numerous weeks, if not longer. Even seemingly minor injuries can develop into serious issues and cost thousands of dollars in medical bills. Whether you have suffered a devastating brain injury or a serious neck or back injury, it is crucial that you take the proper steps to secure a fair outcome for your case. Most importantly, you need to retain an injury attorney who can help you obtain the maximum recovery you deserve.

Depending on your case, Attorney Cedrick D. Forrest will fight to ensure you get compensation for:

  • Medical expenses

  • Pain and suffering

  • Lost wages

  • Past and future earning potential

  • Property damage and repair costs

  • Funeral costs for wrongful death

  • Any other damages that apply

When searching for a Houston, TX car accident attorney to assist with your case, you will want to find trial attorney who boasts a winning track record when it comes to handling insurance companies. Cedrick D. Forrest has a 100% success rate and has dealt with hundreds of insurance companies getting clients the compensation deserved.

Cedrick D. Forrest Law Will Fight on Your Behalf

The effects of a car accident can be felt for quite some time. An attorney looks at the facts of the case and determines how best to reach your goals. We can discuss the case with the insurance company to iron out a compromise; however, if they are not willing to negotiate we are also prepared to bring the matter to court. At Cedrick D. Forrest Law, PLLC, a personal injury trial law firm, the mission is to make sure that you receive a favorable outcome and maximum recovery that helps you move forward in life.


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