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Roof Damage Insurance
Claims Attorney in Houston, Texas

Don't settle for an underpaid or denied roofing claim. Let the attorneys at The Cedrick D. Forrest Law Firm handle your underpaid, denied, or delayed home or commercial roof insurance claim.

Underpaid, Delayed, or Denied Roof Damage Insurance Claim?

If a hurricane, hail, or windstorm has left damage to your roof and your insurance company is refusing to pay what they should, take action and hire a lawyer today.

What if My Business Closes Due to Roof Damage?

If your business closes due to roof damage and you have a loss of business income or had to incur extra expenses to continue operations, your policy may include coverage for such losses. Let the property damage attorneys at the Cedrick D. Forrest Law Firm review your policy and represent you in your claim for damage to your business property.

What Can I Do After Having Roof Damage?

From the outset, it is important to understand that every case of roof damage has its unique circumstances that must be assessed individually. Assuming you have an insurance policy, your rights and responsibilities with respect to coverage should be specified in your policy. 

The following are some suggestions for what to address following roof damage to your property.

Mitigate Damages.

Do not make any permanent or full repairs until your insurance company has had an opportunity to inspect your property. 

Review Your Policy.

You should review your insurance policy to confirm that your property is covered for the type of event that led to the fire damage.

Preserve Evidence.

Preserve as much evidence as possible. Take pictures, videos, document damage, etc.

File Your Claim.

If coverage applies, contact your insurance company to file your claim. If you need help filing your claim, book a FREE consultation with our attorneys today.

Property damage claims can often be complex and daunting. It is important to contact a skilled property damage lawyer from the outset of your claim to ensure your rights are not jeopardized. The attorneys at the Cedrick D. Forrest Law Firm are always ready and able to assist you with your property damage claim.

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Large Loss Property Insurance Law Firm

We handle all types of commercial and residential property insurance claims throughout Texas.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions about your claim.

Preserve Your Roof Coverage

Commercial roof damage claims arise from weather events, accidents, and sudden failures like HVAC leaks. It can put a stop to your business and hurt your bottom line. To protect your business, it’s important to know some things to look out for when it comes to leaky roof damage issues.

To extend the life of your roof and avoid coverage issues, make sure you keep up with routine maintenance; this is essential if you have to file a commercial water damage insurance claim. If you fail to keep up with regular maintenance and/or fail to make necessary repairs, you may have your property insurance claim denied.

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What Can I Expect from My Insurer After Having Property Damage?

In Texas, insurers are legally required to abide by the deadlines set out in Texas Insurance Code §542.001, et. seq. in the assessment and resolution of your insurance claim. Failure to comply with these deadlines in the resolution of a covered claim can result in interest penalties and attorney's fees. 

The following represent the statutory deadlines that your insurer must generally comply with:

15 days

Within 15 calendar days after receiving notice of your claim, your insurer must:

(1) acknowledge receipt of the claim;

(2) commence an investigation of the claim; and

(3) request from you all items, statements, and forms the insurer reasonably believes, at the time, will be required from you.

45 days

If your insurer could not make a determination within the above timeframes, they must accept or reject your claim within 45 days after they informed you of their need for additional time. Tex. Ins. Code. § 542.056.

5 days

If your insurer notifies you that it is going to pay your claim, then it must pay you within 5 business days after they gave you notice. If payment of the claim, or part of the claim, is conditioned on you performing an act (e.g. providing a signed document), the insurer is only required to pay within 5 business days after you perform the act.

There are several legal nuances involved with your insurer’s legal obligations to process your claim in good faith. It is important that you have a skilled property damage attorney to help navigate through the complex deadlines and responsibilities of your insurer. 

Contact the skilled property damage lawyers at The Cedrick D. Forrest Law Firm today.

The Cedrick D. Forrest Law Firm and Water Damage Insurance Claims

When greedy insurance companies fail to treat you fairly, the property insurance lawyers at The Cedrick D. Forrest Law Firm are here to step in and call out instances of bad faith.

Your home is your castle and our property insurance lawyers are here to protect your investment and give your case the attention it needs to bring about the settlement you are justly entitled to.

No Recovery. No Fee.

Our firm works on a 100% contingency fee basis for your insurance claim.

That means that when a case is taken on, we use our own money and resources to fight for clients. We will investigate, go to court, hire experts, and do whatever is necessary to win your case. We will never ask for any money upfront for contingency matters. No money is owed by the client to us if no monetary recovery is made. That is our promise.

Free Consultation. Easy Sign-Up.

Having your insurance claim denied by the insurance company and navigating the dispute process can be stressful and confusing. Insurance companies count on you not understanding your rights and not seeking legal help. That's why we have made it as easy as possible to get your questions answered. Click the contact button to speak with an available attorney. It's fast, simple, and the first step to getting maximum compensation. We also offer no-contact video consultations.