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Cedrick Forrest Jan. 24, 2023

What Should Someone Do that Suspects Insurance Claim Adjustment Discrimination?

In addition to being paid less than other homeowner counterparts, Black and other minority homeowners routinely receive increased scrutiny for filing a homeowner's insurance claim. Many studies and investigations have revealed there is still much racial bias in the claims adjustment process.

Bias comes in many forms of

  • denying claims without a proper investigation required by law,

  • misrepresenting coverages under the policy to limit or deny payment,

  • unexplainably delaying claim payments, and;

  • fraud investigations initiated to scare minority insurance claimants.

The recent Texas Freeze has caused billions of dollars of water damage to homes requiring millions of Texas households to file an insurance claim; many for the first time. Forrest Law has already began receiving calls from Houston, TX homeowners and business owners that have experienced the telltale signs of insurance claim discrimination. We are always ready to protect members of the community that have historically been taken advantage of by big business insurance companies. Insurance discrimination costs potentially costs BILLIONS of dollars in lost financial assets to African American, Black, and Hispanic households every year. Our mission is to stop the unethical and illegal practice of discrimination against minority claimants by insurance companies.


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