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Cedrick Forrest Jan. 24, 2023

What Does My Homeowner's Property Insurance Policy Cover?

Most homeowner's insurance policies cover the following:

  • Earthquakes

  • Fires

  • Hailstorm Damage

  • Hurricane & Flooding

  • Pipe Burst & Plumbing Leaks

  • Personal Property Loss

  • Tornadoes

  • Damage Caused by Windstorm

Insurance policies vary, however, so it is important that you hire an attorney that knows the differences between coverages and when each should apply. The attorneys at Forrest Law are familiar with understanding policy coverages.

What Type of Homeowners Insurance Claim Should I File?

The type of claim that you file depends on factors such as the coverages that are provided by the homeowner's insurance policy and what is the "occurrence" that triggered policy coverage. Some homeowners experience a "total loss" where a residence is completely destroyed. Homeowners might experience a "partial loss," where a residence has sustained some damage but not enough to warrant total reconstruction or rebuilding of the "dwelling". Some homeowners may only need to file a "roof claim" on the wind coverage portion of the policy. Homeowners may also file a "personal property loss" claim if the dwelling is ever burglarized or vandalized.

We understand that filing a claim can be complex. In fact, claims can be denied due to simple errors or inadequate documentation; more documentation is key to making the process as quick as possible without delay. Make sure that your claims are filed thoroughly and in an accurate manner. Forrest Law knows what documentation and proof is necessary for homeowner insurance claims and will process your insurance claim for fast results.

How Do I Fight a Homeowners Insurance Claim?

Bad Faith insurance tactics are when your insurance company refuses to pay a valid claim. The insurance company has MANY ways that bad-faith tactics are utilized such as; requesting unnecessary documents; misrepresenting policy coverages; denying coverage when coverage exists, and underpaying claims are just a few. On top of this, insurance companies make the process as vague and confusing as possible doing things such as assigning several layers of adjusters to the claim to confuse the homeowner.

The Cedrick D. Forrest Law Firm can help you by:

  • Providing a FREE review of your policy

  • Processing your insurance claim

  • Providing experts to validate your claim for upfront costs

  • Letting you know if your claim should have really been denied

  • Evaluating if your claim may have been underpaid


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