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image of a female attorney's headshot" with the text "texas and the storm, Houston insurance lawyer explains the reality of the Texas freeze
Cedrick Forrest Jan. 24, 2023

Texas and The Storm: Houston Insurance Lawyer Explains the Reality of The Texas Freeze

The Storms of February 2021

Winter Storm Europa was the first major winter storm to hit Houston in over 50 years. This severe winter storm caused unprecedented levels of destruction to Houston homes and businesses in one night. The Winter Storm of February 2021 was also bad news for millions of property owners across Texas especially, Harris, Fort Bend, Brazoria, and Galveston counties. Water damage from burst pipes caused damage to billions of dollars worth of property currently causing a backlog of insurance claims like never seen before in history.

Houston Area Homeowners and Businesses Hit Hard

About 4 Million homes in Harris County alone were water damaged and this catastrophic event caused an even greater toll because many families are still facing financial hardship due to COVID-19. Many insurance companies have already begun to deny their policyholders insurance claims in bad faith during this vulnerable time. Even worse, insurance adjusters who make bad decisions and give incorrect information sometimes are the sole reason businesses and homeowners have been denied claims. Millions of homeowners are having their claims denied or have already been denied.

How Insurance Companies Break the Law

Insurance companies do not have to pay a claim if they have considered the risk of the claim to be “frivolous, improper, or unreasonable.” The Texas Commerce Clause declares that insurance is a public responsibility so if a company is permitted to deny a claim because they have questioned the legitimacy of a loss then the state of Texas can't allow that insurance company to continue to do business in the state. These insurance companies are breaking the law and it is up to your Texas attorney to get you your rightful insurance money back. An insurance company is required to pay a claim if they decide that your claim is a “frivolous, improper, or unreasonable” claim but they can make this decision on their own.

How to Avoid Bad Faith Insurance Adjustment By Hiring a Lawyer

When your property damage insurance claim is denied by your insurance company because of bad faith you have the option to take legal action to preserve your rights and you should. By having an experienced Houston property damage insurance lawyer review your claim, you can help prevent your claims from being denied or have your claimed accepted if it has already been denied. When you have Forrest Law on your side we make sure the insurance company follows the law by making sure the adjuster does not disregard or undervalue damage on your home or business property claim. We also make sure your insurance company pays you promptly as required by Texas law.

Contact The Cedrick D. Forrest Law Firm to Have Your Insurance Policy Reviewed By A Insurance Lawyer: It's 100% FREE

If you are Texas home or business owner that had your Texas Winter Storm insurance claim denied you may have been the victim of bad faith insurance adjustment. Texas law regulates insurance companies but insurance companies break the law when they deny your business, personal, or homeowner property claim in bad faith. Sign up for a free consultation and have an experienced insurance lawyer and law firm review your insurance policy. If you are denied your claim, take advantage of our free legal consultation and explore your options. Please fill out the form to schedule a free video or telephone consultation with an attorney from our firm.


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