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Commercial Vehicle Accident
Attorney in Houston, Texas

When a driver is using a company vehicle, whether for work-related trips, deliveries, or anything in between, the driver's company may be held liable for any accident or damage that is caused by them if it can be shown that the company OR the driver was negligent.

Were You Hit by A Company Vehicle?

Many injuries are due to distracted driving, texting while driving, and other negligent behaviors behind the wheel.

These can be extremely complicated cases because companies often have teams of lawyers at their disposal to begin investigating and protecting the company.

That is why you need a skilled motor vehicle accident attorney with experience investigating and winning company vehicle accident claims on your side. The attorneys at The Cedrick D. Forrest Law Firm stand ready to guide you through this time. We have fought and won against many companies responsible for vehicle wrecks and we are willing to take your matter on the way to trial if necessary.

From courtroom litigation to insurance company negotiations, our team of expert personal injury attorneys is here for you.

The Company Can Be Held Responsible for Your Injuries

Generally speaking, the company of the driver responsible will be liable for the actions of their employees, so long as the employee is acting as an "agent" for the company at the time in the course and scope of employment. In certain cases, both the driver and company may be held accountable if they were driving while texting, distracted behind the wheel, or negligent in any way.​

Employers may also be held liable for negligence, such as:

  • Lack of employee supervision.

  • Poor hiring practices.

  • Failing to verify an employee's license.

  • Failing to thoroughly train drivers.

  • Lack of company vehicle maintenance.

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Our firm works on a 100% contingency fee basis for your personal injury case.

That means that when a case is taken on, we use our own money and resources to fight for clients. We will investigate, go to court, hire experts, and do whatever is necessary to win your case. We will never ask for any money upfront for contingency matters. No money is owed by the client to us if no monetary recovery is made. That is our promise.

The Cedrick D. Forrest Law Firm and Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawsuits

If you were hit by a fleet vehicle, delivery truck, utility company truck, delivery van, city bus, garbage truck, corporate automobile, box trailer, or any other kind of company or commercial vehicle, talk to the team of experienced personal injury attorneys at The Cedrick D. Forrest Law Firm today and request a FREE consultation. 
It's important that your attorney know where to look to find the evidence that will prove your case and maximize your recovery. After a traumatizing accident, our desire is to remove as much stress from you as possible, which means we will take care of all the investigation, paperwork, phone calls, insurance, and other issues so that you can recover from your injuries.

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The key factor in every personal injury case is negligence. When one or more people are negligent in the way they act, or by not acting at all, serious injury can result. Click the contact button to speak with an available personal injury attorney. It's fast, simple, and the first step to getting maximum compensation. We also offer no-contact video consultations.

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