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Image of a house with a large uprooted tree fallen over onto the roof. The text overlay reads "what to expect after you file a property damage claim," indicating a topic related to property damage insurance claims.

What You Can Expect After You File a Property Damage Insurance Claim

Texas law sets deadlines for insurance companies to act after you’ve filed a property damage insurance claim. The Property Insurance Company Must:

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Overhead image of a person sitting at a desk in front of a laptop taking notes with the text "understanding bad faith property insurance claims" overlaid

3 Common Signs of Bad Faith Insurance Practices: What to Look out For

If you are a Houston area home or business owner that has had your water, wind, fire, or hail damage insurance claim denied you may have been the victim of bad faith insurance adjustment practices. Texas law regulates insurance companies but insurance companies break the law when they deny your business, personal, or homeowner property claim in bad faith.

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Image of a woman thinking with the text "bad faith - is it "bad faith" when You Have Your Property Damage Claim Denied?" overlaid

Is It “Bad Faith” when You Have Your Property Damage Claim Denied?

Texas laws lay out clear signs of bad faith on the part of insurance companies. If you don’t know exactly what constitutes bad faith, this is the blog for you.

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Image of two commercial fans drying the wet floor of a commercial property with the text "sewer back up protect your business interruption claim" overlaid

Protect Your Business and Business Interruption Claim in Case of A Sewer Backup

As a business owner, you are well aware of the ever-present occurrence of the unexpected. Business income insurance may be a very necessary tool when the unexpected happens.

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Image of a kitchen destroyed from fire damage, with the text "what to expect after fire damage" overlaid

What Can I Expect from My Insurer After Having Fire Damage?

For many of us, a home or business premises is one of our most valuable assets. Getting your home or business location may have required multiple years of planning and saving.

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Image of a suburban home with the text "homeowner's property insurance coverage - understanding your policy" overlaid

What Does My Homeowner's Property Insurance Policy Cover?

Insurance policies vary, however, so it is important that you hire an attorney that knows the differences between coverages and when each should apply. The attorneys at Forrest Law are familiar with understanding policy coverages.

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Image of a Houston attorney standing outside a courthouse. The text overlay reads "why some lawyers sue insurance companies instead of settling"

Why Some Lawyers Choose to Sue Insurance Companies Instead of Settling

Can you sue your insurance company? The answer is a resounding Yes!

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Were You Involved in An Auto Accident? You May Be Able to Get Compensation For...

Even when car accidents occur at low speed, they can result in traumatic injuries and damage. Whiplash alone can leave a person debilitated for numerous weeks, if not longer.

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Insurance Disputes from Denied, Underpaid, or Delayed Insurance Claims

Texas business and homeowner's insurance disputes often arise when an insurance company improperly denies or underpays a claim. If your home or business has been affected by recent weather events such as the 2021 Texas Freeze and you have experienced fraud or discrimination from your insurance company when adjusting your claim Forrest Law wants to help you.

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image of a female attorney's headshot" with the text "texas and the storm, Houston insurance lawyer explains the reality of the Texas freeze

Texas and The Storm: Houston Insurance Lawyer Explains the Reality of The Texas Freeze

Winter Storm Europa was the first major winter storm to hit Houston in over 50 years. This severe winter storm caused unprecedented levels of destruction to Houston homes and businesses in one night.

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